Lisa Orlow portrait

Phone:(202) 236-2888

Lisa is a respected advocate, skilled negotiator and shrewd problem solver serving the DC community exclusively and has practiced law for over twenty-five years.  As DC area life-long resident, Lisa is invested in the community and the success and dignity of its most vulnerable members.  Lisa relies not only upon her expertise but also develops a top tier team which has included an investigator, a case manager, a nurse, psychologists, social workers, and Guardian ad Litems in previous cases.

In 2018, Lisa was elected by her peers to serve on the steering committee for the Estates community at the DC Bar.  In the past, she was chosen to serve on the board for the Family Division Trial Lawyers Association and she became certified as a Child Welfare Specialist.   Lisa is both a trial lawyer and an appellate lawyer.  She has taught college level legal research, criminal law and family law.