Juvenile Delinquency

As mother of adult children, Lisa is sensitive to a parent’s worst fears that their child’s mistake may derail a potential lifetime of success. She is experienced not only with the Court but with listening to children as well. Lisa has developed expertise in adolescent development and how brain development creates a perfect storm in which smart kids do stupid things. That being said, overzealous police sometimes arrest kids, not based upon anything they did, but instead they may be arrested on appearance, attitude or demeanor alone. That is where Lisa comes in.

Lisa tells the child’s story. Lisa creates the compelling case for the child’s side. She uses the law and her wealth of experience to make certain the prosecutor, the judge and probation officer know the child’s version of events.
She helps the child frame his/her thoughts and educate him/her on the law. Her goal is to allow children and their families to walk through the fire instead of getting stuck in its heat and fury. Lisa wants to make sure the child to never sees her again except as a successful adult and maybe even as an attorney as opposing counsel or on the bench as a judge.

Estate Planning & Administration

Lisa can make sure your assets stay in your family even if you need long term care. She can educate you on what Medicare covers, what it doesn’t and how to protect yourself. She can you help plan for incapacity so you can live well through your golden years and make sure your assets are used in ways that benefit you and your family.
In Washington, DC, a personal representative is appointed to settle the estate. Sometimes, this is straightforward, but often it is complicated. Lisa serves as a personal representative so family members don’t have to wade into area that can result in personal financial risk if mistakes happen. Lisa ensures that legitimate creditors get paid and the property is legally distributed to the family.

Child Custody

In DC, joint custody is preferred but a judge can rule in any matter that he or she believes is in the best interests of the child. Given the subjective nature of this process, you need an advocate because your kids deserve the best.
Lisa can draft an agreement that leaves all of the parties happy and the kids protected. Or, if the other parent’s behavior towards a child is patently harmful, Lisa knows the best experts and Guardian ad Litem to help you win your case and ensure your child’s safety.

Adult Guardianships and Conservatorships

Family members often know that their loved one is ‘slipping’ but they don’t know what to do.
The Probate Division covers not only decedents estates but also intervention proceedings. An intervention proceeding is when a concerned party seeks to have guardian “of the person” and a conservator “of the assets” appointed to protect an adult who has become or always was incapacitated to manage his/her affairs.
Lisa has served, with her team, in this capacity for dozens of DC residents’ cases over the years where a family member is unable to serve.